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A history of Greenfield Monument Works….

How many things can you think of that have lasted over 100 years? Better yet, how many businesses survive over a century? Greenfield Monument Works began in 1900. J. B. Maness built the business throughout West Tennessee and Western Kentucky. His son, Edward Maness went to work for him when he returned from World War II. He worked alongside Travis Ursery (his brother-in-law) and Carmen Goodlow for many years. Then, Edward brought his sons, Mike and Stan Maness, up in the business and turned it over to them. Now, the two of them have been joined by Corey Sawyers (Mike’s son-in-law). Between the three of them, they have 73 years of combined experience in the industry. Over 100 years in business, and four generations of the same family; now that’s tradition; a tradition that is unmatched throughout West Tennessee and Western Kentucky. So when you are seeking to design a fitting memorial for your loved one, a monument to honor someone, or any granite need, you can rest assured that Greenfield Monument Works has the experience and the knowledge to make that process easy for you. The results will be exactly right.

Who we are….

Mike Maness is the son of Edward and Vannye Maness. Born and raised in Greenfield, Mike graduated from Greenfield High School in 1967 and attended Bethel College in McKenzie. He and his wife, Rita, have two children, Melody Sawyers and the late Michael Maness. Mike is a member of Greenfield church of Christ, where he serves as an adult Bible school teacher. Mike runs the clock for Greenfield Junior High and High School basketball teams. He started running the clock in 1971.

Stan Maness is the son of Edward and Vannye Maness. Born and raised in Greenfield, Stan graduated from Greenfield High School in 1975. He has three children, Lee Maness of Nashville, Julie Davis of Milan, and Jennifer Chaney of Murfreesboro, and is the step-father of Aaron Mansfield. He and his wife, Sandy, enjoy camping in their spare time.

We are proud to have on our staff John Roberts (etching artist), Troy Cantrell (sandblasting), and Brandon Jolley (installation). John, from Sharon, is a cousin of the Maness family. Learn more about his special talents on the Etchings page. Troy is from Skullbone, near Bradford. Troy operates the automatic sandblasting equipment that cuts the lettering and design work into the stones. Brandon, from Dresden, is a cousin of Corey. Brandon is the youngest staff member and is involved in the setting of the stones in the cemetery.